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Ovino Winery Wines, Salmon Arm, BC

2019 Entice | 750 ml | $17.90 Tax INCLUDED


Ovino Winery, Entice 2019, Okanagan wines

2020 Pinot Tramino | 750 ml | $16.40 Tax INCLUDED

Delightful for sipping as well as a companion  with lighter foods  and white meats this wine is finished off dry.  Traminette was harvested and fermented partly on the skins to give added complexity. Floral aroma’s and a lingering peach flavor characterize this wine.

Serve slightly chilled (12 C)

Ovino Wines Pinot Tramino

2020 Pinot Grigio | 750 ml | $16.40 Tax INCLUDED

Clean and crisp, this wine exhibits flavors of pear and apple, with a refreshing citrusy finish. Great with salmon, pork dishes and other white meats.

Serve slightly chilled (12 C)

2019 Regent Pinot Noir | 750 ml | $19.90 Tax INCLUDED

A delightful blend of Regent and Pinot grapes  were used for this lighter, smooth, Burgundian style red. Berry and cherry flavors comingle with slightly spicy oak to make for an excellent dinner companion,from pastas to poultry and pork dishes.Also very good with lamb or cheese platters!! The wine finishes dry. Some precipitate to be expected,one can always decant.

Regent Pinot Noir, Ovino Wines, Salmon Arm, Okanagan

2020 Momento | 750 ml | $16.40 Tax INCLUDED

This easy drinking wine made entirely from Marechal Foch grapes will pair with many different foods, from red meats to fowl and from pasta or pizza. Also great chilled on a hot summer day. The wine starts with lively berry aromas and on the palate there are raspberry, boysenberry and black cherry flavors. The wine finishes slightly off dry.

Serve chilled or at room temperature.

2020 Blush | 750 ml | $16.40 Tax INCLUDED


Blush, Ovino winery, Pink Wine, Okanagan

2020 After 5 | 750 ml | $24.90 Tax INCLUDED

This ruby coloured treat is sweet,powerful and bursting with dark fruit flavors and aromas. An excellent after dinner choice or savor with some dark chocolate when sitting by the fire . The 17% plus alcohol gives it an edge of danger,so be advised.A great alternative to a port style wine.

Best served at room temperature.


After 5, Ovino Winery, Dessert Wine, Okanagan

Note: 15% LIQUOR TAX INCLUDED,  .10 deposit to be added. Visit the contact page for our hours.